The Wentworth by the Sea Hotel is a beautiful, waterfront, historic hotel in New Castle, New Hampshire where the 11th International Flatfish Symposium will be held. A block of 80 rooms have been reserved for conference attendees at a rate of $154/night/room ($116/night for US government employees). These rates are very reasonable for the seacoast of New Hampshire. It is unlikely that you will get a better room rate anywhere else so we strongly suggest you book here and do so promptly! If you do book elsewhere, there are lots of other hotels in nearby Portsmouth, NH but there is no public transportation so you will need a car too.

For families or larger groups (like labs), the Wentworth Hotel may have 2-bedroom Marina Suites, complete with living room and kitchen, available to IFS attendees. Please let the conference organizers know if you are interested in reserving one of these.


Information on Wentworth by the Sea Hotel room reservations

Information on Wentworth by the Sea Hotel room reservations for US government employees


A view on the Wentworth by the Sea Hotel