New Castle is the smallest and easternmost town in New Hampshire, United States, and the only one located entirely on islands. It is home to the Fort Constitution and Fort Stark Historic Sites, and the New Castle Common, a 31-acre (13 ha) recreation area on the Atlantic Ocean. New Castle is also home to a United States Coast Guard station, the University of New Hampshire’s Judd Gregg Marine Research Complex, as well as the historic Wentworth by the Sea Hotel where the 11th International Flatfish Symposia will be held.


The main island on which the town sits is the largest of several at the mouth of the Piscataqua River and was originally called Great Island. Settled in 1623, an earthwork defense was built on Fort Point which evolved into Fort William and Mary (rebuilt in 1808 as Fort Constitution). Chartered in 1679 as a parish of Portsmouth, it was incorporated on May 30, 1693, and was named 'New Castle' after the fort. The principal industries were trade, tavern-keeping, and fishing (all of which are directly relevant to the symposium objectives!). There was also agriculture, using the abundant seaweed as fertilizer.

Hotel Wentworth

A new route to the island was created in 1821 when three bridges (now two bridges and a causeway) connected Frame Point in Portsmouth with the northwestern corner of Great Island. Previously, a bridge on the southwestern point had been the only way to reach New Castle without a boat. The community was then an overlooked fishing village, which helped preserve its colonial architecture. However, in 1874 the Hotel Wentworth was built atop a hill with a view of Little Harbor and the Atlantic Ocean. After early financial difficulties, the hotel was purchased and elaborately refurbished in Second Empire style by Portsmouth alemaker and hotelier, Frank Jones. It became the area's most fashionable resort, growing in size until it was a village unto itself, in which former US presidents and celebrities stayed. Most famously, in 1905, the hotel housed the Russian and Japanese delegations who concluded the Treaty of Portsmouth to end the Russo-Japanese War. U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt suggested the peace talks, and won the Nobel Peace Prize for his actions.

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Beginning on June 11, 1682, Great Island experienced a supernatural event...
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Hotel Wentworth by the Sea.

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