The New Hampshire Seacoast area is a top destination noted for its history, scenic beauty, restaurants, attractions, and shopping opportunities.


New Castle 
The 11th IFS will convene in New Castle, the only town in NH composed entirely of islands. New Castle covers approximately 500 acres (.8 square miles) and serves as a scenic residential and recreational community. New Castle was founded in 1623, chartered in 1679, and incorporated in 1693 during the reign of William and Mary. Today, in addition to a residential population of slightly more than 1,000, it is home to the Great Island Common recreational park, Wentworth-by-the-Sea Hotel and Spa, the UNH Marine Research Complex, the Portsmouth Harbor US Coast Guard Station, and Fort Constitution and Fort Stark state parks. More information on things to do in New Castle can be found here.


Nearby is Portsmouth, a city of roughly 21,000 people, that sits near the mouth of the Piscataqua River, a short, wide river that divides New Hampshire and Maine. Settled in 1623, Portsmouth claims to be the nation’s third-oldest city. It served as a focal point on the Eastern seaboard until the late 1800s when rail travel did in the shipping industry. John Paul Jones’ ship The Ranger was built in Portsmouth, and the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard (which lies across the river in Maine) was established in 1800 as the country’s first Naval shipyard. The geographic location, historic past and cultural strength of Portsmouth regularly lands it on various “best places to live” lists. More information on things to do in Portsmouth can be found here.


A view on Portsmouth


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